Starsprings MLS configurator

Starsprings Multi Layer Spring unit configuratorThis configurator for MLS (Multi Layer Spring unit) has been created to introduce you in the wonderful world of multi layer creativity. When you configure your spring unit you will get the characteristics of the final product. Experiment with different products to find your preferred comfort level. -Don't forget to save your configuration!

To finish the experience we encourage you to come and visit us and our brand new design centre, where you find all ingoing layers in real life. Full scale testing, evaluating and re-building until you get the perfect blend of ingoing spring units to your product. The whole process is guided by our experienced staff, ready to help you all the time.

What is MLS?
Multi Layer Spring Unit, this state-of –the-art product allows each bed manufacturer to design a spring unit combination that fits right into the profile of the company.
With MLS, Starsprings have created a brand new oportunity to make 3D-zones, thanks to the different characteristics of the individual layers you get zones not just lenght wise but in depth as well.

• Six basic properties
• 2-7 layers
• Total height between 6,5-40cm (2,5-15,5")
• 100% customized

With this unique method, spring units are bonded together with a very thin layer of hot melt glue. Different layers are the only true way to create excellent sleeping comfort. MLS is one of many innovative concepts introduced by Starsprings. All products supplied by Starsprings are heat treated and produced following the highest quality standards.

Starsprings Design Centre

Is located in our Head office in Herrljunga, Sweden. This is the place you can try all the products within this configurator in real life. When you visit us we will take good care of you and we will give you a taste of Sweden, any time of the year.
Feeling lost in the comfort jungle? No worries, we will help you out!Feeling lost in the comfort jungle?
We will help you out to get the best comfort possible!

Starsprings head office - Box 44 -SE-524 21 - Herrljunga, Sweden - Phone: +46 513 178 00 - Fax: +46 513 178 02

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